Related Web Sites

 In the Madison area:

Threshold Care Circle Integrating after-death care into family and community life, out of Viroqua, Wisconsin

Threshold Care Singers of Madison – singing healing and comforting songs for people who are seriously ill, dying or grieving

Northwoods Casket Co, shrouds and simple pine box caskets, Beaver Dam, WI

Natural Path Sanctuary  Green burial cemetery near Verona, WI

Circle Sanctuary Green burial cemetery near Barneveld, WI

Personal Farewells Home funeral educators out of Jefferson, WI


And into the great beyond:

Final Passages Institute of conscious dying, home funerals and green burials

Minnesota Threshold Network Advocating family-directed after-death care, including home funerals and green burials

After Death Home Care Home funeral and green burial consultation

Thresholds Home and family directed funerals

Peaceful Passages at Home Caring for our own after death.  Includes an excellent guide to home funerals

National Home Funeral Alliance Supporting home funeral education

Natural Transitions A resource for green and holistic approaches to end-of-life

Natural Burial Company: a source for shrouds and biodegradable coffins

Undertaken With Love: offers a fabulous free, downloadable guide to home funerals

Crossings Caring for our own at death

Kinkaraco Green Funeral Products

Seven Ponds, Embracing End-of-Life Experience